Selasa, 11 Februari 2014

Source Direct "Concealed Identity" Unofficial Video

Another drum and bass post but something that I stumbled on today and totally blew me away. This combines two of my biggest interests and creates a perfect partnership of audio and visual. The sound is taken from the classic album "Exorcise The Demons" by Source Direct whilst the visuals were edited together from the "Lone Wolf And Cub" series.

The nine minute video was made unofficially as a personal project for editor Michael Dring and was posted online in 2013. "Exorcise The Demons" was released via Virgin Records back in March 1998 and captured Jim Baker and Phil Aslett's approach to drum and bass perfectly. Words like "dark" and "deep" are normally used to describe their sound but "cinematic" and "intense" are just as relevant.

This short movie captures what a samurai film would look and sound like if it was scored by two of the scenes heaviest producers.

Links: Source Direct / Michael Dring / Lone Wolf And Cub

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