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Nasty Habits "Shadow Boxing" (Om Unit Remix)

OK, OK so it wasn't that long ago I announced I would no longer be posting drum and bass on this blog but, out the blue, Doc Scott has kindly added me to the promo list for 31 Records.

First thing I received was a copy of the Shadow Boxing reissue featuring a remix from Om Unit. The EP is released worldwide February 17th 2014 on both vinyl and digital.

I can't think of a time recently where there has been so much negativity towards a drum and bass release but it seems people are quite happy to express their dislike to this latest interpretation of the Doc Scott classic. Om Unit, who runs the Cosmic Bridge label, even got caught up in the reaction to his remix over on the Drum And Bass Arena forum.

As far as my reactions towards the remix I am glad I held back until hearing the mastered WAV. Quite simply any radio rip or YouTube clip you may have heard does not do it justice. Om Unit has produced a very clever remix, he EQ's the distinctive bassline that was once wonderfully overbearing into a hypnotic drone that by the end of the track becomes almost uplifting. The two step drums of the original are replaced with half time beats for the first section until a fresh layer of chopped breaks are added to create a more uptempo finish to the track. Kung Fu samples are used throughout to add to the brooding atmosphere that was popular on tracks by Source Direct and Photek, most notably on The Crane and Ni Ten Ichi Ryu respectively.

Purists may not like it but sonically it is rich with layers, edits and depth.

There were a couple of unofficial Shadow Boxing bootlegs floating around the internet a while ago that where popular among the dub step fraternity but its not until now that someone has done the original justice. Now I have to be honest and say that I was never a massive fan of the original as I was more into the breakbeat side of things and less into the hardstep/two step sound pushed by Grooverider, Ed Rush etc but credit where credit is due the original is still an anthem and has never sounded as good as the remastered version supplied here.

In my opinion Doc Scott is one of the godfathers of Drum And Bass and by putting this mix out he is doing what I believe everyone should be doing, ignoring the negativity, pushing a sound they believe in and supporting the emerging artists of today. It stands proudly alongside recent output from labels like Metalheadz and Exit Records.


Links: Om Unit / Doc Scott / 31 Records Store

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