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Karizma "Beat Tape And Interview"

We caught up with Karizma AKA Kaytronik AKA K2 AKA Kris Klayton for a quick chat about experimental digital distribution, the importance of vinyl, hip hop production and studio equipment.

Karizma is known world wide for his distinctive style of tech infused house music but is just as gifted producing hip hop and future soul. He put this Beat Tape together back in 2005, some of the ideas appeared on Volumes 1 and 2 of "Mind Of It's Own" but many remain unreleased. Watch out for the way he flips "Slowly Surely" by Jill Scott and "Find A Way" by A Tribe Called Quest.

More recently he has released an EP titled “Hear And Now” featuring Osunlade on R2 Records. It is available on limited edition clear vinyl and in a bold move digitally for one month only from 17th February 2014. The EP contains all the elements that make Karizma and Osunlade two of the most soulful producers in house music today, expressive percussion, heartfelt vocals and inspirational chords all wrapped up in the perfect arrangement.

Buy vinyl here: Juno / Piccadilly
Download here: Traxsource / Beatport

Links: Soundcloud / Twitter / Facebook

You have decided to make your latest single available digitally for only one month, why such a short shelf life?

For me its an experiment, we are all so used to getting things quick and fast and as soon as we have it we play it and then forget it, I wanted to see if I made this song available would it even matter because as soon as it becomes available online you can get it for free in a matter of minutes... so like I said just an experiment.

Do you think this will increase people sharing vinyl rips or downloaded copies when it's no longer available to purchase digitally?

We will see, I just like to try new things when releasing music.

It was reported last year that vinyl sales increased whilst digital sales declined for the first time since iTunes was launched, do you see the importance of vinyl returning?

For me the physical is always important, it gives you something to hold, feel and relate to... something to look at!

As well as being a producer you are also a renowned DJ, where do you stand on the vinyl/digital debate?

I don't really stand on it cos at the end of the day if the consumer doesn't realize by now what the situation is with artists and their digital rights, they either don't care or like to stay naive.

What tracks are currently down well in your sets?

Karizma - Hear and Now Featuring Osunlade
Atjazz - Soldiers
Osunlade Featuring Lady Alma - It's House Music (Kaytronik Raw Dub)
Mike Steva - Ova Oro
Karizma - Nuffin Else

You blew up with your track "Twyst This" back in 2006/7. What's the story behind how that got discovered?

"Twyst This" was created in 2006 when I did an edit of the Donnie song Cloud 9 and I looped the Twisted part, this edit caught on and a lot of people started looping that part so I decided to make a full on track of it and that's how it came to be.

How would you describe your style as a producer?

Its the "Whatever" process, I just do what I feel, lay it down and move on to the next thing, I never like to linger on one project too long.

You recently aired on an unreleased beat tape of hip hop ideas, is this something we will hear more of?

Yes all the time cos I'm constantly doing them and other stuff in-between the albums and remixes.

For the tech heads what equipment/software do you use?

Ensoniq ASR-10
Abelton Live 9 Suite
Maschine Studio and Maschine 2 (on the road)
MPC-2500 and 3000

What can we expect from you this year?

Hopefully the "Kollabs" album, Exist Album (with Atjazz) and some remixes of Lady Alma, Detroit Swindle and Pete Moss.

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