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Mattic "Puppets Love Tune And Interview"

First in a series of interviews and exclusive streams from our favourite artists, first up . . . Mattic.

You can stream a track from the new album "The Adventures Of Dr Outer" below alongside an unreleased demo and one of his famous Audio Adventure Mixtapes.

Prepare to enter the world of Mattic and The Ghosts In The Machine . . .

Links: Soundcloud / Facebook / Phonosauras

Before we get into the new album "The Adventures Of Dr Outer" tell everyone a bit about yourself.

I just do music the way I feel.......that's all. My thoughts over beats....very low key.

You are currently based in France, the album was produced by The Mighty DR from North Carolina and the label are based in Canada. How did you go about putting this album together?

I have known and worked with The Mighty DR from past groups in Charlotte NC. I have an archive of his beats from different periods and during our time of knowing each other. Living in France, I have a habit of exploring beats I have from various producers in separate sections to create various projects so they don't always sound the same. I always knew I'd try something over his sound, was only right.

I got with Stab (of Berry Weight and Phonosaurus Records) and explained to him what I envisioned. Stab lives in Switzerland and we are very close friends. He helped me assemble my 1st official release The Abstract Convention. He has enhanced my work  for audio' delays, samples, cuts and mixing over many things I rework and create that no one hears.

So he knows me and we work very good together.....all by

I set up the tracks by recording vocals to them, and connecting other beats to songs recorded and then layered different audios and samples over the beats to make an on going adventure. I would then send them to Stab to have the things I added enhanced. He added his talents to them and mixed it down as we went along. We call ourselves "The Ghost In the Machine". It took 3 to 4 months for the process, many days and nights being in our own studios and skyping whilst him and I were together at all times in different countries. Of course we would have loved to been in the same studio together, but our schedules couldn't make that possible....still it was like we were right beside each other. After finishing the album, Nico who is the founder with Stab of the label Phonosaurus and who lives out of Montreal Canada heard it and wanted to put it out..........voila!

It's rare to see a label brave enough to put out folk, hip hop, jazz and electronica all through the same brand. How did you hook up with Phonosaurus?

Well Nico and Stab are my good friends 1st....brothers. I met them in Switzerland at a show. Their group is called Berry Weight.. I also met my label mate and sister Astrid Engberg that night to. Since that magical night we remained friends. So when they decided to make a label, I knew it from the beginning and it was just written to work together. Those guys gave me a door to be myself and and release what I do. That's very hard to find from my understanding in these music days. Guy's you can trust from friendship and still be a part of a business together. Their selection of artist choice is wonderful to me. Different variations of minds and sound. So I roll with them in peace and that makes it easy to ride together through all motions of the machine they are building to give music to people. It's my main home.

Apart from meeting all these people that have moved on to be close friends what has been your biggest musical moment that went on to impact your life?

The time I have had with "Wax Tailor" and his Project was big on every tour.......I've seen enough of the world in this project and it has brought many paths to me...more then I thought. Meeting my brother Julien Grenier (Juke) has been a big impact for me personally with our band that he created called "The Empire Of Sound". This is like a dream come true. I always have felt that a Good MC can do no wrong with a powerful talented was like wishing upon a star.....and it came true. We will see what happens with this great project we've assembled.

The Adventures Of Doctor Outer is an epic concoction of cosmic jazz, humorous skits, dusty samples, fat nineties production and complex lyrical content. What do you want people to feel when listening to it?

My mind over sounds that fit the mood of the expression that was crafted. It's a story......Doctor Outer is this brother I met after a show and had a talk with. What I learned from him and his European encounters was so story telling like that I wanted to make a story about it for....a challenge to my creativity. Just feel the adventure and the sound...... Welcome to my mind.

As you know we are massive fans of your mixes. You use copious amounts of samples and skits in your tracks and mixtapes to help blend beats and add to the storytelling. Where do you source all these and more importantly how do you store them? You most have hard drives full of breaks!

Yep. I came up with a lot of record diggers. I'm still a little behind compared to them, but my attention and usage of digging is more on any kind of audio that I can find......Yes I have tons of audio files. Many hard drives of stuff. Everyday I sit and listen to various amounts of audio. Mainly for my own listening pleasure, but at the same time there are ideas being thought of how to incorporate what catches my eye to a track I make. Sure I MC.....but I like to dress the beats to just....take it somewhere else......

Regarding all these hard drives of breaks etc does watching (and recording) vintage films, TV and interviews take up a big part of your week?'s a job that isn't a job.....get it? I watch and listen for me, but at the same time I am learning, being inspired, and collecting things that I incorporate either in to my writing, or over the sound.

There are some days that I can begin with headphones on listening or watching and then I'll look up and 7 hours have passed. I don't do it everyday, but then again, everything I do and see from living in another country influences me.

Technically how do you put these mixes together? Ableton?

Ableton is my weapon.......a lot of people use Logic or any other program....but I just love Ableton. I just feel comfortable with it and learn more about it the deeper I dive in to it. The rest is just.....what I feel or hear in my mind. Like anybody else. It's just your thoughts over sound. Be it the rhyme...the beat.....the audio add in....the echoes and delays.....voice alters...change ups....whatever you hear is a thought in the mixes. My thoughts that make a journey in's fun to me that's why i'm never bored.....never.

What do you do to relax away from the samples, beats and rhymes to remain vibrant?

I get out of my flat and in to my city......the sea plays a big part in relaxing. It's 10 minutes by foot. I talk to my child as much as I can and it's very uplifting for my soul. Spend time with my wife....always a plus. We have a habit of just leaving for a weekend to England (Brighton mostly)'s like 4 hours away by ferry. I Love's so me.

You have told me before about making albums and mixes purely for you and your friends, your own private collection of music. This reminds me of Madlib's approach to production. All about having fun and getting busy in the studio. Who else inspires you?

Hummmm.......Just life. All that I see and all that it has to offer. Everything that is absorbed on my own daily activities. Be it music or just waking up and looking outside my window. I take it in. There are too many artist to name that inspire me and at the same time I work with a family of artists that inspire me with their own it's everywhere for me.

Apart from Madlib what do you think of the current hip hop scene?

Oh man there are there are so many more I learn from and not just in Hip Hop........but as far as current....I don't know.....I just kind of stay in my own world and if I come across it...I listen....that's about it. i have no wish to express how I see the current scene because I don't think about's just there. Too much in my world to judge it....

Taking into consideration your travels around the world what are your favourite digging spots? Where have you had your most successful shopping sprees?

I am not a digger like that.....never have been.....but I do have a love for vinyl. I have a nice stash in our basement, but I don't consider myself a crate digger. I dig in a different way as I explained. As far as "spots" I would have to say my favorite moment was in Dubai. I was alone and ran in to a American who quickly noticed I was in to music. We had a cool talk and he wanted to show me a record store no one knew about there. It was very hidden and as he said...his secret place. He took me there and I was amazed at what I saw.......I stayed a few hours and found a nice couple of stacks. I had the owner mail them to my flat. When I got back to the hotel, no one believed me......but I didn't was cool, but it wasn't that big of a deal to me.

Does moving to London still appeal to you in being the next step of your journey?

Oh god yes.....or Brighton. Also Montreal. But England seems to have the upper hand at this moment. I figure once I am done with music travels and on to the next chapter of life...We will want to settle in England. But I have some things to finish here in France music wise.

What does the future hold for Mattic?

Good Health......that's only way I can experience the unknown and decide. We will see.

Anything else you want to mention?

I think that's enough about me.......maybe I said too much....

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