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Fraykers Revenge Presents "A Wry Commentary On Modern Living"

Fraykers Revenge hails from The Bronx, New York City, he put these tracks and mixtape together in 2010. He is a well respected music collector, blogger and producer.

The Trunk Wadd Underscores are the first insight into what is to come from this talented and exciting producer. These tracks form a homage to the 1970's "ABC TV Mystery Movies Background Production Scores" and were put together in 2010 using the old school method of Technic turntables and a sampler.

Trunk Wadd (Underscore No 1)

The main ingredients of these songs were taken from rare sound transfers found at the old Cinesound on Melrose Avenue, Hollywood. The owner, Irv Nafshun played Frayker's Revenge a selection of tracks from the discs in his music library that he then used to create the Trunk Wadd Underscores.

A third installment is currently in production.

Anyone with a passing interest in either seventies soundtracks, nineties hip hop, DJ Shadow, Mo Wax or B Boy culture should keep an eye on his Soundcloud page for more of his eclectic creations. Tracks currently featured take inspiration from Brazilian, New York Garage, Funk, Soul and rare Library Records.

Trunk Wadd (Underscore No 2)

We caught up with him recently to gain an insight into Fraykers world.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you started collecting music.

Who am I? I’m the devil’s footman, maybe I don’t even exist? Word on the street is that I’m the creation of some millionaire producer living in Bermuda who is getting sick of writing safe formula mainstream shit so decided to create me to fulfill his or her inner screwball artistic mind? A sort of Record Digging Frankenstein if you like. Or it could be I’m just a kid from The Bronx in NYC who one day decided he wanted to be a Record Collector and my compilations are a result of such an out of kilter audacity. 
How I started collecting music is mainly the result of my dysfunction and failure to show the characteristics or fulfil the purposes accepted as normal or beneficial.

How would you describe the style of music you play?

The style of music is synonymous with the multidimensional scaling of a Serial Killer, The Disorganized / Organized Dichotomy is evident and indicative.

What drives you as a DJ?

I have never had any drive or struggle to achieve anything in music.

Who inspires you and why?

The Flatworm. Why? 
In flatworms all that exists are a simple network of nerve fibres. There are a few thickenings in some of them, but these can hardly be described as brains. Yet, the flatworms have surprising powers. For example, individuals have been trained to find their way through a simple maze, selecting white painted passages and avoiding dark painted ones by being given slight electric shocks when they made a wrong decision. Even more surprisingly, that memory has been shown to reside in a substance, for if a worm that has learned the maze is killed and its flesh fed to another worm, the new one will run the maze correctly without training.

What's your favourite digging spot?

Any old Television or Radio studio.

Why should people check this mix?

The set is an eclectic mix of sounds juxtaposed together side by side in a tribute to all those lost musicians and broken dreams…….

Link: Soundcloud

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